Sunday, March 13, 2011

Found it!

I finally found whole-milk yogurt at the store!

And it really is better stuff.  I still don't comprehend this "low fat yogurt" thing. It's got so much sugar in it, it's hard to justify it as healthy at all!

The whole-milk yogurt was different, though. It's called "Cream Top" Yogurt, which I think might be a fancy way of saying, "This yogurt tends to separate. Stir it before you eat it, or just expect the top to be creamier than the bottom."


For one thing, it only had 5 ingredients, plus the live active cultures. None of them were artificial colors. None were artificial flavors. There were two kinds of sugar in it, but one was evaporated cane juice and the other was pure maple syrup. (By comparison, regular yogurt has 14 ingredients plus live active cultures, sometimes, and those ingredients include 2 kinds of sugar, plus starch, plus preservatives and added colors). It wasn't as thick as candy yogurt is--no gelatin. Its consistency was about the same as homemade yogurt, actually. And it was SO yummy.

And even without claiming to be a diet product of any kind, it had 11 g less carbs in the same size container as the candy yogurts.  And, with 5.5 g more fat, those carbs that were in there will digest more slowly and evenly, so it shouldn't hit my system as hard.

And did I mention it tasted good?

It was called Cream Top Yogurt, made by Open Nature (which I think is Safeway's "organic" brand).  Too bad it costs twice what regular yogurt costs.....

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Unknown said...

We eat Brown Cow cream on top when we can afford it... which hasn't been lately! But the boyo eats the whole little carton when I splash out and buy it, unlike the abandoned two-bites missing cartons I find around when I cave and buy the ludicrously flavored stuff he clamors for. Sometimes I wish we lived somewhere without child-targeted advertising.
D in Reno