Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Adventures in Food


I've always wanted to try parsnips, so I took a little extra from the food budget and bought 4 parsnips. My trusty red cookbook said "use them like vegetables or mash them like potatoes," so I boiled them and mashed them like potatoes.

They were good.

They don't taste like potatoes.

They taste like carrot skins. Anda said, "They're like squash and carrots mashed together." Tim said, "I like these! Like carrots and yams mashed together."

Vegetable-y, though, and not starch-y.

But tasty. I'd like to try glazed carrots and parsnips together. Also, they'd be good in soups.

So now we know, and we're wondering why carrots were the ones that got to be the staple food instead of parsnips. Are they harder to grow? Was it that people liked the color of carrots better? I'm curious.

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