Saturday, August 21, 2010

This irks me.

Labeled "national interest", Fox published a story about a lesbian couple in Texas whose daughter was refused admittal to a conservative Christian private school on the grounds that the school was confident the girl would not be comfortable there, being taught conservative Christian values that went against her lifestyle at home.

And the article sides with the LESBIANS. Not the school, who were absolutely right. It's totally unfair to admit a child who has a lifestyle they will be preaching against on a regular basis. And, to the school's defense, their admissions policy apparently is to reject ALL children of parents who aren't living their standards, homosexual or  heterosexual.

Two things struck me about this:  one, it's not a story that should be of "national interest." It's a local story that goes on almost every day with almost every private school. Kids are refused admission all the time for not fitting the profile. Nobody complains when a kid with an IQ of 85 is not admitted to a school for gifted students whose IQs average 185--even if the reason is that the kid wouldn't be comfortable or thrive in the environment. Private schools have the right, actually, to refuse admission for no reason at all if they want. They are PRIVATE organizations, not public. So this is not an issue of "national interest."

The other thing that struck me was that the article so clearly spun the situation to make it negative for religion and paint it so that religion is victimizing lesbians. That is absolutely NOT true.

I think the media is doing more to destroy the first amendment than anyone else.

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