Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More on Mormon Feminism

My brother, Jon, is a brilliant scholar and thinker. He's also an open and active Mormon Apologist (which means "defender of the faith" not "apologizer for what we are").  He's a great example to me--I'm usually terrified to speak or write in defense of what I know is right. I almost didn't hit "publish" on my last post on Mormon Feminism for fear of the backlash (which never came--I suppose because Mormon Feminists don't like to read blogs of happy Mormon women--it disproves their points. All of them.).

ANYWAY, Jon wrote a nice piece on Mormon Feminism. You can read it here:

I don't know why the Feminism thing has hit so hard and so fast and so strong and so suddenly, but a LOT of my friends have noticed it. Jon's insights are both enlightening and comforting--if we, as women, stay the course and trust in God, he will protect his church and us.

The thing that has struck me in recent days is that the world is increasingly requiring us to rely on our faith in God just to get by (all of you women who are trying to hold things together and raise your babies while your husband spends months and years searching for work will know exactly what I'm talking about. And you're not the only ones).  The Mormon Feminists are another voice out there that is subtly (and not-so-subtly) attacking our faith, planting doubts, and generally making it more difficult to hold to the rod. (And the sad things is, they're PROUD of this! Proud that they're making life difficult and trying to move us further from God and closer to the world.)

But what do we do with the voices in the Great and Spacious Building?  We don't listen to them.

Just cling to the rod, even if other women in the church mock and laugh. As Jon so aptly reminds us--God is the one in charge, and his is the only opinion we need be concerned with.

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