Monday, August 23, 2010

Musician Pay

I frequently laugh that musicians do get paid in money, but often get paid in other ways, too. For example, we get free hotel rooms and admission to whatever event Tim is singing at (state fairs, arts festivals, etc.). We get meals sometimes. Often we get exposure to new fans and people who are hiring entertainment (Tim gets paid for good work by getting more work.).

The funny thing is, Tim is most often paid the "secondary" payment in T-shirts.  And maybe second in stuffed animals.

This weekend, Tim did a fantastic show in Logan and got paid more in tips than he ever has gotten for tips before.

Plus he was paid in the form of three red potatoes and a miniature watermelon.

I guess that's what you get when you play farmer's markets!

(And, quite frankly, I was delighted. Getting paid in food makes a lot of sense to me!)

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medieval.woman said...

Last year's "wages" for sharing candy experiments included a professional family photo (taken for a magazine) and free museum tickets for my grandparents. Hey, it's all good.