Thursday, March 04, 2010

Today, I.....

Bathed 4 kids and actually managed all 4 shampoos (no small feat!)

Improvised a shower curtain (where we had no rod or curtain) using a clothes line, a couple of screws, a half dozen clothes pins and a plastic tablecloth.

Stacked a bunk bed and leveled it with Tim.

Fought with a company that cheated us out of $190 (that I hope they give us back tomorrow).

Folded a little laundry.

Baked a couple loaves of bread.

Improvised a bunkbed guard rail out of a 2x4 and half an old sheet.

Improvised a princess bed curtain out of the other half of the old sheet.

Made a half dozen blocks to add to Dan's collection.

Repaired an old, heavy, rickety 80" tall cupboard, helped Tim carry it inside, installed it, put the shelves back together, and filled my new pantry.

Unpacked a half dozen boxes.

Rocked a sleepy, fussy baby.

Nursed several times.

Fixed at least lunch for people.

Did school with a few kids, but not all of them.

Read the news, updated 2 blogs, and kept up on my email and facebook (while I was nursing, mostly).

Rearranged kids' bedroom furniture.

Discussed business with Tim (he's both preparing 2 groups for competition AND recording a new CD).

Went to the bank.

Smashed my thumb with a hammer (and it still hurts, 5 hours later).

Doctored an infected outer ear.

Changed a half dozen diapers, at least 4 of them poopy.

And I:

felt guilty about not making dinner or schooling the other kids

wondered why my arms ache

couldn't figure out how come I didn't finish my novel today

and couldn't figure out why I was so TIRED!

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