Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The dichotomy of gifted kids

Gifted kids are a strange bunch. Parents always half-joke that their kid is studying algebra but can't figure out shoe-tying. (In fact, Caleb likes basic algebra just fine but can't tie his shoes....). Caleb has taught himself how to create computer games, but he has struggled with learning to read an analog clock.

Today we were practicing, and he started the lesson with, "Tell me the dynamics of reading a clock again."

And later, after successfully reading the time on a clock, said almost instantly, "Oh, that's an hour and one minute off the current time."

Apparently the dynamics of clock reading sunk in, and apparently it's easier for him to figure elapsed time than read the clock! (I, for the record, got my only D in ALL of elementary school in all subjects on the elapsed time worksheet in 5th grade, so I think that's pretty nifty that he can do that without thinking).

He did finally grasp reading the clock (I finally got through to him with "Little hand reads the numbers; big hand reads the little lines between the numbers; every dark line is 5" and he got it much much better than any other explanation he's heard.).

I hope it sticks.

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