Friday, March 26, 2010

The reason I'm opposed to taxing the rich

While it makes more sense to tax the rich than the poor, it turns out the poor pay for it anyway. It's an anti-jobs policy.

This was on today:

If you take the money from the businesses, they have to come up with it from somewhere. And you can bet your bottom dollar they aren't going to take it from the CEO's paycheck or the company's bottom line (which would anger investors).

So they take it from the retired worker's benefits--which means the government has to fill in those gaps with Social Security and Medicare.

In other words, if you tax the rich, we all have to pay more taxes. It creates more poor because you're taking the money from the people who are supporting the middle class. No money for the middle class means they join the ranks of the poor. 

It seems kind of ironic that attempting to decrease the divide between the rich and poor actually increases it.

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