Saturday, March 27, 2010

Benji Helps Fix up the House

Benji really got into fixing up the house. Unfortunately, his ideas of good remodels don't always match up with my master plan.

Here's what he's done with the dining room wall--he's in the second picture for scale. His medium of choice here is black tempra paint. Unfortunately, the wall was painted in the last year with eggshell/Matte paint (NOT my choice--an error on the part of the repairman). So it's unwashable and will have to be painted again. Not by Benji.

And here's what he's done with the Master Bathroom. Medium: Black Crayola Marker on Matte Eggwhite colored Paint (also unwashable), cabinets, and toilet seat lid.

Here's a detail of the masterpiece. He tells me it's a rocket.


lizroxy said...

Have you tried a Mr. Clean magic eraser? It has saved my walls more than once with crayon. I'm not sure it would work on the paint but it has taken sharpie off furniture for me. Good luck.

Becca Jones said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll try it.

Heather said...

Magic Eraser has worked for me too! Beautiful art work Benji!

Friple said...

Picture 2--Looks like the wall wasn't the only thing Benji painted on!
Picture 4--Yes, that does look kinda like a rocket blasting off. (By the way, my codes were "fast eek" and "not caker.")