Monday, September 28, 2009

What's new?

I have been an inconsistent blogger lately.

And now Caleb is hanging around waiting to write on his blog, so this will be just a short update.

We won't have any news about the Sing Off audition/casting process until the show speaks publicly. Even if Tim were to hear, the audition application included a nondisclosure clause, so he can't even say if his groups got cut. So that's a little anxiety-provoking for me. Rumor is that people who get onto the show have to move to LA for a month. If that's the case, it brings up a minefield of issues for me--like what about the other 6 of us? But we won't know until it's yet another rush job. Naturally. I never move easy.

Meanwhile, Tim is leaving on a double tour on Tuesday--off to Vegas, home for literally ONE day, and then off to Colorado and Wyoming with moosebutter. 10 days total, split in the middle. He'll miss our anniversary (which is no big deal--we both missed it last year simply because we both forgot). He'll be home for my birthday.

Then, for the rest of the year, he'll probably be in and out, here one week, gone the next.

So that's us lately.

I'm antsy to start writing. Kids are having a BALL playing in the plowed fields (digging up old toys, dozens of golf balls, miscellaneous broken metal things, rocks, marbles, etc), picking the overabundant produce (plums, peaches, grapes, blackberries, gages....). Loving the fall weather. Glad we're not in Vegas, although that might change when we hit the cold front next week!

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