Sunday, September 06, 2009

Did I just read that?

It was a good day on craigslist las vegas!

From craigslist today:"Models Needed for Mutant Film - (VEGAS) <<talent gigs"

I always knew there was something wrong with models.....

and this: "Play Live At Our Venue - (Las Vegas) <<talent gigs"

Glad they aren't looking for people to play dead....or undead.

Didn't know crew people in Vegas were so terrible!

and this: "Wedding-Need Magician - (Las Vegas) <<event gigs"

It might be mysterious to some, but a wedding isn't magic. Hard work, maybe, but not magic.

and this, from the "free" section: "Craft supplies, baby, maternity, jeans - (orem) pic"

Craigslist lets you give away some things, but babies I think might be prohibited.

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Friple said...

"....or undead."