Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today's Minor Victories

1. Best bubble bath I've ever drawn for the kids. We had no "bubble stuff" so I squirted a couple teaspoons of baby shampoo into the water while it was running. Lots of big, fluffy, long-lasting bubbles. Downside was the same as other bubble bath--how do you rinse it off when it's in the water?

2.  Everyone did school today. And when Tim sent me into time out when I got frustrated during a math lesson (kindly), I actually calmed down, thought of a different way to teach it, and jumped back into the fray. Success!

3. Dinner was both made and eaten by 6/7 of the family. Hamburgers go on the "fix it again" list.

4. I reminded myself that something that was hanging over me, causing fear and trepidation, was speculation, not coming at me right away, and not even necessarily going to come at me--and I managed to calm down, cheer up, and forget about it!

5.  While I didn't manage to say no, I didn't let a really persuasive saleman get me to say yes, either, despite the fact that I was working in my worst medium--over the phone. I do much better by email or speaking in person. I don't much like talking to machines.

6. I helped harvest peaches and dealt with the ones that were on the edge of spoiling.

7. I made time to "rest" on the hammock with all three little boys--something Benjamin values above almost all else.

8. I walked in a field holding hands with my love and talked with him about what was in my heart--joys and fears.

9. I watched a tractor and plow working with Daniel and we actually spent time observing and discussing it.

10. I made bread.

11. I didn't lose my temper when someone peed on MY bed.

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