Friday, September 18, 2009

Did I just read that?

'Nother one from today: "Insane Killer Escapes During Mental Institution's Field Trip"

I don't believe institutions generally get field trips. Usually it's the PEOPLE that do.

And then there's the first sentence in the story:
"Police are searching for killer committed to a mental institution after he escaped during a field trip to the Spokane County Interstate Fair." So he was committed to the institution for escaping during a field trip? Interesting.

This is what the guy did that got him in trouble in real life: "In 1987, Paul slashed an elderly woman's throat in Sunnyside in 1987, soaked her body in gasoline to throw off search dogs and buried the remains in her flower garden. He was later diagnosed as being criminally insane and suffering from schizophrenia, KXLY reported." And then this: "It's not the first time Paul has escaped.
In 1990 he walked away from custody and attacked a sheriff's deputy who apprehended him."  So why are they taking guys like this on day trips to the fair? Aren't there some people who are too dangerous to take out? Like this guy?

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