Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New ways to make mommy uncomfortable

This one really made me laugh because I'm not seriously pursuing anything but a new baby right now--not even publication:

I got rejected by Inkwell Management with a form letter from the staff about two weeks ago, four months after I queried them (that's two months longer than it's supposed to take, by the way, but it was the holidays). Now, today, two weeks later, I got ANOTHER rejection from them, this time from "Charlie". I only sent one query. What happened? My idea was that bad?

This one made me very unhappy:

Daniel has a new habit, apparently. Again last night we all went to bed together. Again, after four hours, Dan woke and came to my bed. And again, to my dismay, he didn't go back to sleep. So we slept from 4:00 am (grrr--it took the kids 2 FULL HOURS! from "bedtime" to "lights out." I hate that) until about 8:30 am. Then Dan was awake until 11:30 am. Wide awake. Fussy. Playing on my bed. Talking incessantly. He even got a book and read to me. Apparently it was a book about pickles because I lay there with my eyes closed and listened to him say, "Pickle. Pickle. Pickle. Pickle." for half an hour. Then he lay on my shoulder and fell asleep mid "Pick". At 11:30.

And then the other kids woke up at 1:30, which I'm glad about except it meant I didn't get sleep. Anda went back to sleep. Caleb couldn't sleep, but he agreed to leave me alone so I could. That amounted to him only coming in with a question every 15 minutes, instead of every 5. Finally I got up.

We call this torture by sleep deprivation, I think. And when we add someone who wants to eat every two hours to the mix? What happens then?

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