Friday, April 20, 2007

How to get Zone Alarm

Apparently others of you are starting to have the same virus problems I had--popups, blank popups, etc. And, like me, you didn't DO anything considered dangerous to get them (didn't open any attachments or download mysterious files or get on a public network, for example). All I did, as far as I remember, was delete some spam, which I almost NEVER get. Anyway, however you get the viruses, they are nasty. Julie reports hers put porn popups on her computer. I could have had it worse!

Anyway, to get Zone Alarm, click on the link :
and look at the box on the right side--15-day trial. Click the box and download the free trial version. You can also go to the website and just buy the whole suite (about $50) or get it at a store like BestBuy (Consumer Reports said expect to spend about $70 at the store).

Hopefully, nobody will steal any of our info in the meantime. ZoneAlarm DOES have an identity theft-protection program included. I haven't tried it yet, but it's part of the suite. And, so far, Zone Alarm has actually blocked people from accessing my computer. Leaves me wondering how often they did before.....

The only problem I've had is that I set the privacy settings to high, and I had to modify the settings for because they use mobile code and personal headings and popups to access the site. But it was easy to "edit" that site only and still keep the rest of it on high. It also shows me what sites I'm "visiting"--turns out reading the Deseret News actually has your computer "visit" something like 20 sites, each of which has the chance to download cookies, etc. Denver Post and Daily Herald are the same way. So my list says I've visited Hotmail every day this week--and I've never been to the site. It's linked to the newspapers I read!

Anyway, I'll stop rambling. But I do advise everyone to get something on their computer to protect it, since this virus is apparently spreading far and wide, and quickly.

The kid's latest games all deal with chasing viruses around the house. And the funniest question I've heard in a long time: "Mom, do people get viruses, too?"

Wow. Their world is so different from the one I grew up in...

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