Monday, April 09, 2007

Bad Night

I woke up finally to a beautiful, warm sunny day. That was a relief after last night:

Start back a few days. Friday night I didn't get enough sleep because there was an Easter Party for the kids Saturday morning. I didn't go to the party, but I got up to get everyone ready. Saturday night I didn't get enough sleep because Church was in the morning, and then nobody napped all day Sunday, so we were all running on about 4 hours of sleep all day. When I'm pregnant, sleep is more precious than gold because I get weird anxieties when I haven't slept enough (like worrying that the 65 year old who was hit by a car in south Denver was actually Tim). So Sunday night I jumped at the chance when Dan and Anda both started to sleep at midnight--4-5hours earlier than usual. I had everyone in bed asleep by 1:30.

When Dan woke up at 4:35, I didn't think much of it. Sometime every night he wakes up and comes to sleep in my bed. He toddled over and climbed into bed with me, had a milk bottle, and snuggled up. But he couldn't get comfortable and get to sleep. He tossed and turned and fussed and played and fussed and got up and went to bed and got up and went to bed and jumped on me and jumped on Tim and made us get up and down and up and down. We gave him tylenol. He seemed unusually itchy, so we gave him benadryl, too. Tim got up and helped Dan find Dogdog. I'm always wary of giving more than one bottle in bed because then the kids wet the bed (even Dan's diaper leaks with that much fluid). But at 7:30 we were STILL up, so I figured it had been long enough and I gave Dan another bottle and snuggled him until he fell asleep.

He drank the bottle, fell asleep, and then threw up 16 oz of curdled milk all over the bed.

So we got up again. I bathed Dan; Tim took care of emptying the gross linens from the bed. Then Tim gave up and went to work and I fixed up fresh bedding and went back to bed. But Dan wouldn't go back to bed. He cried and screamed and made me get up and take him down to Tim. Then he cried and screamed when I went back up to bed. After a while, he came to get me and screamed and cried and said, "Up. Up. Up." So Tim came and held him near the foot of the bed until Dan finally fell asleep.

He did get in bed and stay asleep at that point. But he wanted to sleep on my arm, and he kept gagging in his sleep, so I didn't sleep Really well. At least I slept, though.

So much for changing our sleep schedule permanently: we finally all tumbled out of bed at 4:00 pm, LATER than usual, despite going to bed earlier.

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