Sunday, April 08, 2007

Kids' takes on Pregnancy

The kids have been pretty sympathetic lately. We reached 37 weeks yesterday, so the baby is now officially full term, and I'm officially sick of being pregnant and trying to force myself to anticipate at least 20 more days, gettting me to my due date, the 28th or 29th (I forget which).

Anyway, as we left church today for the walk home in the snow (yes, it's been snowing for two days here--not sticking, but coming down cold), Anda took my hand and all the boys in the family darted ahead (some didn't have enough coats/hats to keep warm). Anda looked at me and said, "Don't worry, Mom. I'll waddle home with you." And she did. She waddled all the way with me, walking with a swagger with her feet spread wider than usual.

When we got home, we all were really tired, and I am increasingly uncomfortable when I'm tired, so I sat down and didn't want to move. Even sitting, I have contractions every 15-30 minutes. Darn Braxton-Hicks! Anyway, Caleb was reading and Anda was using the couch as an oven and the large cushion as a cookie sheet, and I was checking my email. Suddenly, Caleb hopped up and said, "Mom, it says you're supposed to get plenty of exercise. It says you're supposed to exercise every day."

I said, "Yes."

Caleb said, "But you don't exercise at all. And it says you should be exercising every day."

"What are you reading?" I asked, finally tuning in and trying to figure out how to explain that people who are 9 months pregnant often don't feel much like exercising, and besides it hurts to walk.

"Chapter 1: Getting Pregnant," he said.

I'm glad he asked only about the exercising part. The rest of chapter one could have been a little hairy to explain.....

Anda has now explained to me that SHE is mommy and has a tummy baby, and I just ate too much. She also said, "Um, Anda, could you hand me my baba?" I guess when I'm the kid and she's the mom, she still needs her bottle.

Daniel, meanwhile, has taken to tucking in my belly and giving it kisses. He acts like if I want to pretend my tummy is a baby, he'll go along with it. I'm still not sure how he will take having to share my lap with TWO other people. And I'm not sure how I will nurse with Dan and Anda both up on my lap.

(Oh, and a side note: Caleb informed me that he actually still has 20 pages of Oz left. So I was premature in my bragging. He'll finish today or tomorrow).

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