Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wonderful Quote from Miss Snark

I lifted this from http://misssnark.blogspot.com . Miss Snark is the pseduonym for an agent who keeps a blog on how to get an agent and get along in publishing. She is THE source of information for new writers trying to break in.

I didn't see that her postings had individual IDs (I might be wrong), and I didn't want you to have to go searching through piles of "When do I email my agent?" kinds of questions to find this gem that is not only applicable to writers, but to everyone. Just fill in the name of your talent in for "writing" when necessary. The question she is answering comes first. Then her answer.

At what point does one simply give up? When does one say to oneself "I can't write, and I'm wasting my life doing so?"


Publication may be nice but it's not the only reward.The very act of writing is its own reward.

It teaches you (if you pay attention) how to see the world through different eyes; how to wield language skilfully; how to organize a persuasive presentation.

You recognize that writing is a creative art and brings you joy.

You recognize that doing something difficult over and over again, and trying your utmost to improve is a worthy endeavor even if you fall short of your goal.

You recognize that these moments of despair or frustration or fear are part of the process, and will make the achievement of your goal just that much sweeter.

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