Sunday, February 04, 2007

Just for kicks

I'm too tired to think clearly today--but we made it to church before the sacrament!

At least four other families in the ward reported having just a horrid week, and the building seemed to be full of crying women, many of whom burst into tears when you said, "How are you?" It was that kind of week for everyone, not just us, I guess.

Our week was capped with, after all the other challenges of getting into school, a nice letter from the student loan people saying that we owe them $300 a month starting February 28 because Tim's student loans are suddenly due, even though he's in school now. So that's one MORE person I have to (or Tim will) contact Monday to sort yet more things out. We've stopped asking what else can go wrong--we find out soon enough.

At least the IRS accepted our taxes. I was really careful this time and kept good records, sent my 1099-misc forms out on time, and still had two guys complain that my numbers didn't match theirs. I gave them until Feb 3 to work it out, and then I filed our taxes. We need the $4952 tax refund right away. E-file is wonderful. We should have our refund in less than 2 weeks--just in time to pay our mortgage online (new service they're offering since the Colorado Housing Authority moved their offices to Dallas, TX).

Just for laughs: Another craigslist funny. The ad said, "male or female vocalest wanted for a rock metal pantera style band. we want to hear the words. play an insterment is a plus. must have your own equiment..." How does a vocalist NOT have their own equipment?

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