Sunday, February 11, 2007

Strange Day Online

When I'm job searching for Tim, I am an avid reader of Craigslist. And today people posted strange things in the Wanted section. Stranger than the 17' toilet that was just a typo. Today we had:

A woman looking to interview a car thief for a book she's writing ( )

A man looking for the back end of a moose for taxidermy ( )

A person looking for dead reptiles--no purpose stated ( )

Someone wanting really creepy dolls, the beat the better ( )

Someone looking for large mirrors for a mystery invention that eveyrone will benefit from ( and )

One titled "Do you have my door in your basement?"
( )

Someone looking for a cocker spaniel born on February 9 becuase it is really HER dog reincarnated ( )

Someone looking for a Leather Quiver (for arrows, of course) ( )

One titled "Need Blinds for a weird little window" ( )

Someone selling the entire contents of their seasonal junk/antique store as one lot ( )

And someone looking for a surf board to give as a gift to the inlaws -- in Loveland, CO, of course( )

And this is JUST TODAY. I haven't been carefully collecting these things for weeks and weeks. Somehow, all the crazy things people want got posted all on the same day. Bizarre.

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