Friday, February 19, 2010

So I built a bookshelf

So, it's not perfect. But considering I've never really built anything before, and I designed it and drew up the plans myself, it's not too bad. Especially considering I made it from "crap wood"--furring strips and scrap wood Tim collected from craigslist. I bought ONE real board--a 1x10x8--and the rest is furring strips and leftover plywood (some of the shelves are two layers of plywood glued together because I couldn't find enough strong boards!).

I will eventually add a couple of curved shelved to the end to bring it to the end of the wall, but not right now. I need to clean up, get back to schooling the kids, and unpack the storage unit first.

But for now, we can put the kids books away. Hooray!

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