Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sleep and Waking

I can now say that I have fallen asleep and have awakened at every hour during the day.

And my favorite?

You'll never guess.....

Waking between 4:00 and 5:30 am and going to bed about 16-18 hours later.

I told you you'd never guess (because I'm not a morning person!).

Somehow, that felt like the rightest time for waking and sleeping to me. We got up when it was still dark, and the world was quiet, and it meant that morning was slow. We couldn't do anything with anyone, or call anyone, or be busy because the rest of the world was sleeping still. It was peaceful time. The road outside was empty, the phone was quiet, and we had time to get up and shower and do what we wanted.

The only problem with that time is that it is incredibly inconvenient for Tim's job, since he usually is going to work at 7:00 pm, which is bedtime for us.

Plus it didn't stick.

But it was really nice for a few days.

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