Friday, September 10, 2010


So I had discovered that taking 2 fish oil tablets helped my fibro pain immensely.

Then I got pregnant and it's been a "bad fibro" pregnancy (sometimes being pregnant makes it better; sometimes it makes it worse). And I started messing with my vitamin regime because the prenatals were making it so I couldn't sleep--I just lay there not quite asleep, thinking, all night. Plus the doctor said to take my calcium at different times of the day, instead of 1200 mg all at once at bedtime, because it absorbs better. And she told me to stop taking the magnesium because prenatals have enough of that (most actually don't have ANY, which is surprising considering the extra calcium they give you!).

Anyway, I got everything rearranged so I was taking 1 calcium, 2 fish oil, and a prenatal sometime in the middle of the day, and another calcium at bedtime.

I had more energy about an hour after taking my vitamins. I also was in significantly more pain all day and sleeping, but not deeply, at night.

I tried taking the one calcium in the morning and the rest at night. Still hurting.

So this week I went back to my regular vitamin habits: 2 calciums, 2 fish oils, and 1 multivitamin at bedtime.

Voila! Pain is lessened (not gone, but I can pour milk without severe pain now!). I can function, more or less, again (still can't clean the house, but at least I can sit in my soft rocking chair again!).

I don't know why it is that I need 1200 mg of calcium all at once, but it seems to help. Maybe I should put the magnesium back in, too!

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