Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Adventure Continues Part 2

So, after we survived the first day of school (and the kids LOVED LOVED LOVED it, even though Dan was terrified), we hopped in the car, ran home for some diaper rash medicine, ran to the store for some snacks, and hit the road. Nebraska was my goal, 500 miles due East.

It turned out to be a very pleasant drive. I had one of the kids sit in front with me the whole time to help hand food back to the others, and we had treats and snacks, and they involved me in "The DoppelGamer"--the kids favorite make-believe game that is a mixture of the Animorphs books, the Harry Potter books, Pikmin, and this imaginary battle they've been fighting against their own doppelgangers. We had to play 20 questions as if we were in their imaginary world, so when I asked, "Is it ficitonal?" they said, "No" even though it was a space ship weapon they were thinking of......

We made a single stop, right on the border, and mostly the kids were good and we just drove and drove and drove.

Nebraska is the only place I've ever been where there are whitish clouds rising from among the cattle on the cow farms, and the clouds are thick enough that they actually obscure the road somewhat and act like fog. Oh, and they STINK like a cow farm blowing all over your car. Nasty.

There were other places, too, that didn't have cows but still had that mysterious white mist hovering over them--not as thick as where the cows were, for some reason, and not stinky. That was puzzling to me.

I was surprised when we got to Grand Island, NE, how NOT muggy it is. It's still pretty dry out here, although not as dry as Utah. More like the Colorado plains, which isn't surprising, actually, since it's all the same landscape. (We live right on the edge of the plains, in view of the mountains but not touching them, so it was familiar).

It was SO nice to see Tim after a long and stressful week. I actually wasn't even out of the car before he was standing right there, ready to kiss me. And boy was I ready to kiss him! The kids were excited to see him, too. The whole trip over, my sugar-loving Daniel broke every piece of candy in half that I gave him and saved one piece for Daddy. Plus a juice box.

And here we are. In a hotel. Again. This time we ended up with two adjoining rooms, and that's been heaven. There are enough bed spaces for everyone, with 2 king-sized beds and a full hideabed. Hooray!

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