Sunday, September 19, 2010

So I've been fixing these up: Online, free complete curricula for homeschooling

I probably should get a degree in curriculum design. I love plotting out what I want someone to learn and how to teach it.

I thought I'd finished these before, but then both google docs and the Head of the Class (the online curriculum I pull from and modify) updated their systems, so now I have been updating my stuff.

And here you have it:  Complete year of lessons for "Playschool" (1-3 year old) and a complete year of Kindergarten, all online. All free.  Preschool (3-4 year olds) will be ready in a couple of days.  Then I'll be working on 2nd grade and 4th grade, and then the others.

Playschool can be accessed here:  .

Kindergarten can be accessed here:

Preschool can be accessed here:

Do one "cluster" of links a day for a whole school year.

This is extremely web-based, and fairly light on the mother (since I'm teaching 5 kids per day) without sacrificing the education of the kid. Everything I make is for my own gifted children, so you might find you have to copy the curricula and adapt them to your children (for example, if you 2nd grader really isn't interested in the biology-intensive curriculum, including AP Biology, that I'm making for Anda, who wants to be a biologist when she grows up).

Have fun freeschooling!

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