Friday, June 12, 2009

OTC emailed me.....

I corrected my last post--my info came from the newspapers in Vegas, and apparently was outdated by 8 YEARS, according to the Oriental Trading Company representative who emailed me in fear and trembling that I might be presenting their company poorly.

This is not the first concerned email from a company I've received after posting a "Did I just Read That?" blog post.

I am always torn when responding to the emails. Torn between saying, "Um, very few people read my blog--there have been about 6200 views, to be sure, but spread out over about 500 posts in about 3 1/2 YEARS--and that's counting all the times I look at my own blog to make sure the layout is okay, read the posts for typos, etc, and all my family who read--and I have a sizeable family." and saying "If you're concerned with how your company is appearing in the public media, GET AN EDITOR and don't make the typos and 'misspeaks' in the first place!"

But I did want to make it clear that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Oriental Trading Company. Their catalogs are fun reading, and I always spend much time reading and drooling and planning when I have extra cash what products I want and how many gross I could actually use ("With 5 kids, and each going to want equal numbers of porcupine ring painters combined with equal numbers of watercolor crayons...."). If you want fun stuff, look there first. Seriously, when Tim wanted to get a very large blow-up dinosaur for a show, OTC is the place that had them. And had good prices, too. If you're putting on a party, festival, parade, or (like we do) show for kids, Oriental Trading Company is a definite go-to place. And now it's a must-look spot for teachers (and parents of many children) too. It's the only place I've seen where you can get a box of 800 crayons! (And "primary" colored stamp pads that include these colors: purple, orange, black, yellow, red, green).

And no, they didn't put me up to this. I really do like that company. Or at least their catalogs.

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