Friday, June 26, 2009

Did I Just Read That?

When I started blogging "Did I just read that" segments, I thought they'd be few and far between. I had no idea so many people were printing laughable material!

Some background that makes this have even more impact: Recently, many companies raised product prices just slightly (less than 10c) but also decreased the size of the packages considerably. For example, twin pops popsicles used to come in 18-ct packages. Now, most commonly, they are found in 12-ct packages, and each popsicle is, in fact, smaller.

Ice cream switched over, too. The same price now buys you a 1.75 L box that used to buy you a 2 or 2.1 L box. I think the ice cream companies figured nobody would notice that the product is missing 1/8th.

Tonight at WalMart I found Blue Bunny Ice Cream had stuck stickers on all their 1.75 L boxes. The stickers were dark blue with a large yellow starburst in the middle with the words "More Scoops" really big and "per package!" moderately large. The tiny print at the bottom says, "over 15% more ice cream than 1.5 qts".

I love it. Nobody even sells ice cream in 1.5 qt packages!

So they made the package significantly smaller, and then tried to make it look good with a sticker bragging that--what, they could have made it even smaller? That 1.75 is bigger than 1.5?


Do they really think I'm that dumb?

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