Saturday, June 06, 2009

On the Road Again

Yesterday my angel sister in law picked us up in Vegas and drove us back to Lehi, UT, for a surprise party for my mother. It was a decent trip--except we left late because Benji slipped away and managed to fall into a cactus while we were packing the car. I spent a long time with a screaming toddler and a pair of tweezers. I finally balanced him in that little space of counter in front of the bathroom sink so he would stop wiggling so much (he would've fallen and he knew it!). Two things I learned about removing tiny hairlike cactus spines--experience plucking eyebrows helps, and a flashlight is vital for seeing the spines. Also, after tweezing the big ones, duct tape is useful for pulling the miniscule ones.

It was a good trip--only one kid threw up, only one had a diaper leak all over his clothes, we only had to stop to nurse twice, and we only nearly lost Benjamin (avoiding potentially disastrous results) twice!

I was pretty peeved when the audio book cut off right at the most interesting part--right before we got to Grandma's. Fortunately, the audio book my sister-in-law picked out happened to be the same book I had picked to read the kids at the library--so I had a copy in my box and pulled it out!

Grandma was actually surprised by her surprise party, and all her 7 kids were there (although we were missing two spouses), and all her grandkids were there. Julie, my sister, had amazingly beautiful tables, food arrangements, and decor, and she had somehow managed to procure one of those giant blow-up slides. And this time even the grown ups got to slide--plus all the kids got to go as many times as they wanted with no waiting to speak of (there are a dozen or so kids, not all of whom are old enough to slide, all under 8 years old). It was fun to see everyone. AND I managed to unplug the toilet before it overflowed!

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