Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Watch CBS at 9/8c

A friend called tonight to congratulate Tim, and said she was excited about tomorrow.

I had to think for a minute--what's tomorrow? We're having a baby? We schedule an induction (even though I really didn't want to....)? Is a job coming through? The NBC contract gets signed?

Oh yeah! The 7th--the People's Choice Awards!

9:00 pacific time.

The list of nominees is here: http://www.pcavote.com/pca/history.jsp?year=2009

"Star Wars" A cappella tribute, noted in the second to last category on the right column, is Tim's group, moosebutter, singing Tim's arrangement of the classic moosebutter song, "Star Wars" in a video by Corey Vidal. It is definitely weird to see it listed this way--with this company.

Anyway, almost everyone I know has reported they would be watching. Except...us. We don't have a TV that picks up tv signals. Sure we watch videos and play nintendo, and watched dvds until our dvd player literally caught on fire. But none of us sees any value in TV. Almost anything worth watching can be seen later online, with few to no ads, and when it's convenient for us--way less intrusive that way, and much easier to be selective.

I'm sure we'll be watching the results show up online somewhere, or getting feedback from family. For a while there was some indication the video was ahead in the voting, but last minute votes can change everything, so we have no idea now.

I have jokingly told Tim since we got married that he had to get nominated for a major award while I was pregnant so I could show up at one of those fancy award ceremonies really round in the belly. I even mentioned it just last October that Tim had 2 1/2 months left to get himself nominated for an award. I don't know why I always thought this would be cool--to show up as a tribute to motherhood instead of as a body for men to lust after, I suppose.

Anyway, it happened--he got nominated for a major award, and I'm heavily pregnant--so heavily pregnant that I'm forbidden to travel because the baby is coming any day now, so we couldn't have gone even if we were invited. We'll have to leave the personal appearance to Corey, who (despite rumors from moosebutter fans) is a trusted friend of Tim.

And we, around here, will likely either be watching from the hospital as we deliver another baby boy (wouldn't that be funny!), or following up online.

Someone asked, "So what happens if he wins?"

Probably Nothing.

Prestige, but only a little. Hopefully a little exposure for "Corey Vidal and his voice, Mister Tim".

As far as I can tell, a win is a little bigger sticker for your resume than a nomination is--one that, if we're lucky, will result in a couple more contracts for songs/videos that will keep us in food and shelter for another month or two. Even winning a Grammy, in the long run, is just another resume tick that can possibly get you one step closer to having a longer career in music. But you still have to work, travel, record, market your stuff, keep producing more, and be good enough that people want to hear what you have to sing.

Will we suddenly have a million dollars? No. Will a million more people know that song? Hopefully they play it on the show and the answer is 'yes'--because it will drive more people to the websites, to the online stores, and to hiring Tim (and Corey) for other stuff.

Is this the end somehow--the "hey you made it?" No. You never really 'make it' in music.

Is it one more adventure, for sure. This past 12 months has been full of those.

Adventures keep life interesting.

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