Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bad Video games....bad corn syrup...bad. bad.

Ironically, as I copied that link in, little Benji was beside me setting up his little people. Then he folded his arms and began to pray, and one of the only phrases I could understand was 'Tank-o for Annie and K-bee, Dan-oh and pikpik. Tank-o for tendo. Amen!" (translation: "I'm thankful for Anda, Caleb, Daniel, Pikpik the Pikmin (from the nintendo game), and the Nintendo. Amen.")

And we thought high fructose corn syrup was bad in and of itself! Maybe there actually a link between mercury poisoning and things like autism, like the parents claim, but it isn't coming from vaccines. Maybe it's coming from the treats kids start eating at about the age that autism is recognized--things about everything you buy prepackaged nowadays, from juices to pizza sauce. It all seems to have high fructose corn syrup in it.

It actually makes me feel more determined to keep making everything from scratch as much as possible. Much of it isn't hard to make (including pizza and spaghetti sauces and candy), tastes better, and has 'real' ingredients. That and the bisphenol A and recent salmonella scares have me wondering what other poisons are added silently to our foods. Makes you wonder if the 'conspiring men' in the scriptures aren't just in the wine industry. Makes you wonder if we really are that much better and safer than China, after all. Makes you wonder if it's possible to make caramels without corn syrup (which has high fructose corn syrup in it--read the label).