Saturday, November 21, 2015

A blog post I found from 4/30/2010 that for some reason I never published.  I'm so glad Tim has put family before career all these years:


Hi Mister Tim,

I'm a casting producer for NBC's The Marriage Ref produced by Jerry Seinfeld. I saw your video for Enter Sandman on kazoo and I couldn't resist shooting you an email. Any chance you're married and kazooing drives your wife nuts? Just had to ask. Would love to put you in touch with the casting producers if you are married!!

Theresa Horwitz
Shed Media

Tim replied:

Hi, Theresa!

I am married, but my wife adores the kazoo. We are also not really interested in the reality TV thing if it involves showing my family (we have five kids, and have been through the contract stages for AGT and The Sing-Off; we know the huge family story would make for great TV, but we're not interested).

If there's a way to get me on TV doing music, not involving the family, I'm interested!

Thanks for the email!

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