Monday, May 18, 2015

Things I want my kids to know: obedience

I'm not really big on obedience. I see no reason to follow rules that are stupid or people who are stupid or systems that are stupid. And I think a lot of rules and systems are stupid, and a lot of people just haven't thought through things very well a lot of the time.

If a doctor wants me to cooperate, they have to explain to me why. And then I'll do it. But if I don't see why, I have to trust a person an awful lot to just obey.

I think God understands that because He has gone to great pains to help me learn to trust him.

So I obey God. Even when what He says doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Even when I don't like to do it.

So I'll tell you: I don't go to church because I like church. And I don't read the scriptures because it's fun, although it has gotten to be more fun as time has gone on.  And I don't pay the tithing because I have extra money and why not?  And I don't tell the truth because it's convenient and natural to me.

Why do those things? Because I need the Spirit in my life, and you can't get the Spirit without doing the things God has asked us to do.

So we obey God, even if we don't obey men, because the results of obedience are so so valuable.

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