Saturday, May 30, 2015

Random ideas from this week

Someone discovered that a dental appliance used to treat TMJ called an occlusal splint actually can cure Tourette syndrome in a lot of people. Somehow realigning the jaw stops tics. Weird, right?

Interesting especially to me because my kid with the worst tics is also the kid with a malformed jaw that needs surgery (eventually).


We're shifting our sleep schedule forward this week so that we can enjoy the month of June, complete with 4 kids going to three camps in three different weeks.


Baby rarely cries but she sure yells a lot.


Sitting around awake all night, I think of a lot of random things. Today I realized that this fall I will have a baby, a toddler, a preschooler, someone in lower elementary, someone in middle elementary, someone in upper elementary, someone in junior high, and someone in high school. In other words, everything.


And the randomist of all:

I discovered that if you recite the kids' names in alphabetical order, it's a poem!

Anda, Benji, Caleb, Daniel;
Elijah, Emm'line, Jack, Nathanael.

See? Perfect rhymed couplet in trochaic tetrameter (with a grace syllable beginning the second line).

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