Saturday, April 07, 2012

Happy White Cake Day!

We wanted to separate celebrating Jesus's birthday from candy, presents, and anything "magical," so we have a little birthday party every April 6. We call it White Cake Day, and always serve a white cake (angel food) with strawberries and strawberry cream. Actually, it's the tastiest cake on earth.

Today, when I got up, I told Benji, "Today we're going to have cake for Jesus's birthday."

He said, "Oh. I know. When Jesus comes over, we can hide in the kitchen and then when he comes in, we can surprise him."

I had to explain that Jesus probably wasn't coming, and Benji accepted that.

But I thought, as he trotted out to play, how much Jesus would love it if Benji arranged a surprise party for him. And how much he would love running in the yard with Benji.

It was really good for me to step back for a minute and think about my kids the way Jesus might see them. What if he did show up one day for a white cake day party? No doubt he would play with the kids. And he would love Benji. (And all the others).

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