Friday, March 30, 2012

More Yogurt Reviews

I'm always trying new yogurts when they come on sale, and this week I tried "Pure" by Dannon. I was impressed that all the ingredients are normal ingredients.

I was even more impressed with the taste and the whole-milk-yogurt cream feel. It eats like pudding.

My first thought was "Wow. That's good." My second thought was, "Wait, where is that 'yogurt' flavor? This tastes like cream." Like a delicious. sweet, thick, rich strawberry cream. SO yummy.

Sure enough, there is no mention anywhere on the package of yogurt cultures. Not only no live active cultures. None at all. Not even in the ingredients.

They have made a fantastic treat with Dannon Pure. But it's not yogurt. I'm not sure how they are justifying calling it that.

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