Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sometimes you wish you'd google searched first....

Everyone who is going to be naming a band should do a google search first.  Seriously.

For example, there is a really great vocal group called SONOS. But when you do a google search to find them,  the first results are all for an audio technology company with the exact same name. The wikipedia page and twitter account both go to the tech company, not the vocal group. Oops.  It's not that anyone is going to think they found the band page when they find the audio equipment site--it's just that it's harder to find the band page, and that's not a good thing. When you name a product, you don't want to make people have to think to find you.

Another group I recently found that should have thought carefully before they named themselves: Karmin.

For one thing, even their die-hard fans don't realize the girl's name isn't Karmin. It's Amy.
For another, it's hard to spell. If someone says the word, "Karmin" to you, and you want to google search it, you're going to look for 'Carmen' first. If you know it's spelled with a 'K,' you're going to search Karmen first (and get a russian marriage agency as one of the top results), and Karman second. There are very few words in English that end with "-in"--especially compared with -en and -an endings.  Again, hard to find. They're going to get past it--they signed with Epic Records recently (if rumors are correct). Still, if people are finding a russian marriage agency before they find you when they are actually looking for you, you have a problem.

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