Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Caleb says the greatest things!

Today at Scouts the boys were paired up to work on passing off requirements. Each pair was working with a leader, and Caleb and his partner worked with Tim.

Tim later told me that other boy in the pair, who is just as strong-willed and bossy as Caleb, was struggling to pay attention through the activity, so he was, when asked a question, tending to just repeat what Caleb had said, but he hadn't been paying much attention, so he repeated it imperfectly.

And apparently it frustrated Caleb--first that he was being copied, and secondly that he was being copied imperfectly.

So later I asked Caleb about it and he said, with a resigned tone in his voice, "Oh. Yeah. It was corrupted redundancy."

That phrase just made my night. Corrupted redundancy. I just love that phrase.

My 10 yo says the best things!

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Misty Lynne said...

He makes me laugh too. Gotta love him.