Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kazoo Success!

I already chronicled the tries and fails.

Here's the success:

White chocolate clay, custom-made with my own tweaked recipe (6 oz white almond bark/candy quik/candy  melt, melted, plus 1 tbsp corn syrup), tinted with gel food coloring.


Mold of a kazoo made by melting 3/4 bag chocolate chips and pouring them into a tray made from aluminum foil. Then I marked the center line on a kazoo, greased the thing, and pressed it into the chocolate. Into the fridge to set up, pry the kazoo out, and we have a perfect mold. It works even better when it's frozen.

So I use a paint brush to dust the mold with cornstarch. Then I knead a small ball of chocolate clay, flatten it, dust it with corn starch, too, and press it into the mold. If the mold is frozen, the clay is ready to pull out immediately. I have to make the kazoo in two halves. While one is stiffening in the fridge (so it won't lose its shape when I press them together), I make the other. Then I press the warm fresh side onto the cold side and smooth them together.


An edible kazoo that looks like real plastic and can be eaten quickly on camera.

Also, they taste really good.

Interesting side note: You can make the chocolate clay and flavor it with Kool-aid powder, but it causes the fat to separate from the chocolate all by itself. Bonus points (and maybe a chocolate kazoo, but if you're out of Colorado, you'll have to wait for cooler weather before I can ship it to you) to the person who can tell me the chemistry behind this!

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