Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I can't believe he would even HINT at this

Just for the record, I'm a pretty big fan of equal rights for all humans. I've even in favor of civil unions that grant the same civil rights to couples regardless of their gender-attractions.

But I'm opposed to gay marriage.

You want to know why?

Read this:

It is a LIE (open, barely even veiled one) that "it doesn't affect anyone else" and "we just want equal rights under the law".

And as long as any person, for any reason, is trying to infringe on my constitutionally guaranteed right of freedom of religion (yes, even to believe religious doctrines that others find reprehensible--and for you to believe ones that I find reprehensible)...as I was saying, as long as anyone is trying to legislate my beliefs, I will fight that person tooth and nail.  I will never consent to or support laws that take away my freedom to believe in the Bible and to keep the temple a sacred house of God in keeping with His laws.

You don't have to believe what I believe. But you cannot take away my right to believe it. And say so.

Even if it offends you.

Read this, too: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/705375668/Gay-marriage-debate-shows-threat-to-religious-freedom.html?pg=1

I realize he acknowledges that "The state cannot force a church to change its beliefs. Even gay people realize that is wrong." Wrong to force a change of belief, he says, but notice he still wants to force a change of behavior--he still wants to be allowed to be married in the churches and temples, and he still finds it an incomplete victory because churches were not forced to join in.

The reality is this author, at least, sounds like he's anxious for us to stop saying he's sinning so he can get on with it with impunity. But even if they stop us from saying homosexuality is a sin, that doesn't stop it from being a sin. Say what you want--God will ultimately make the final judgments, regardless of what morality we try to legislate.

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