Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things I heard from the kids on the way home

We made it home from Utah.

It is still a long, tedious drive.

In addition to the usual, "How long do we have left?", I heard from the kids:

"I think it might be due to atmospheric distortion and color aberration...." (from 9yo Caleb, about the beautiful sight of the full moon growing brighter right in the band of pink in the sky at sunset) and

"I hope it's close to two-thirds of a half an hour rather than a whole half hour...." (from 7 yo Anda, in response to my saying, "Twenty or thirty minutes more....")

Also, there was quite a lot of random numbers being shouted out as the kids played the new game I invented on the way out: whenever you see a number on a sign or license plate, add the digits and tell us the sum, which Anda introduced to Dan as "a great way to practice our math facts!" in a very happy, excited voice.

I have the greatest kids.

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