Monday, June 27, 2011

Couple of things I feel strongly about:

So this couple went on Seinfeld's TV show, "Marriage Ref," and the lady got the idea that her greatest happiness would come from "following her dreams" and "Becoming famous." So she deserted her family and bailed.

Most of you don't know that this show contacted us and tried to convince Tim that his kazooing (for his Kazoo Man video) must be driving his wife crazy and we should come be on their show. No thanks, Tim said, "My wife actually likes my kazooing." (I do. I think it's funny. And I love it when people say, "What does your husband do for a living?" and I can answer, "He's a YouTube viral video star and professional kazooist.")

So here's the thing this article made me realize: chasing your dreams is not in any of the instructions God has given us anywhere. Using our talents is, but chasing dreams? Becoming famous? Never. And we know that God wants us to be happy, and that the commandments and instructions He gives are to make us happy. Therefore, if He didn't ever say, "Also, pursue your dreams at all costs," but He did say to put family first (and then gave--and continues to give--us LOTS of instruction on how to do that), then, despite what pop culture tells you, chasing your dreams is probably not as likely to make you happy as forgoing your dreams to develop a stable, happy family.

Just something to ponder next time you start thinking fame and fortune are where it's at.

Second article and idea:

I don't see what's wrong with being different and going from there. I don't think gender bias is a good thing when it makes boys not allowed to play in the kitchen or girls ostracized from legos. I think paying people less because of their gender is wrong. But I don't think it's wrong for women to be allowed to be womanly, and to be given the support to develop womanly characteristics when they're young (and men, likewise, masculine characteristics).  Because let's face it: Men and Women are DIFFERENT. And while my heart goes out to transgender kids, I don't think it's okay to slight 99% of the kids so that the 1% doesn't have to struggle. Why? Because it will make it so 100% of the kids have to struggle instead of just 1%.

And for all the attempts to make gender roles "evil," biology cannot be denied--and men can't bear or nurse babies, and women can't father them.

So instead of promoting false gender stereotypes (like boys have no feelings and girls have no brains), we're swinging far far out the other way (boys and girls are not just equal, but the same and gender is culturally defined, not biologically defined unless you're gay, and then it's all biology and none culture).

I think all children would benefit from being raised in a culture where it's okay to be a feminine girl, and it's okay to be a masculine boy, where it's okay for women to have estrogen and men to have testosterone.  And where it's okay for both to want children, and to want to raise the girls to be good mothers and the boys to be good fathers.

Any thing else, no matter how good-intentioned, is the death of culture and society because solid families are the foundation. And going genderless promotes gender confusion, not healthy gender identity. Personally, I think it's empowering to children to be allowed to accept who they are and not be taught that it's not inherently okay to be what biology and their genetics made them.

I think genderless society is short-sighted, sterile, and created by the same fantasy-loving paradigm that tells women to leave their families to follow their dreams.

Neither is going to lead to happiness, stability, or good.

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