Thursday, January 20, 2011

Did I just read that?

All from the same article.

"She also started rigorous physical therapy, dangling her legs over her bedside to exercise her muscles and sitting in a chair for periods at a time. "

Rigorous chair sitting is my favorite therapy, although rigorous leg dangling isn't too bad.

"The cognitive ability and the speech are the key things," he said. "We know that she's moving her limbs. The question is, how strong is she."

Because limb strength always indicates cognitive ability and speech. That's why wrestlers and football players have such a strong reputation for.....hey, wait a minute here.......

"Giffords' family hopes to move the Arizona congresswoman on Friday to TIRR Memorial Hermann hospital in Houston, where her husband lives and works as an astronaut."

I bet you didn't know hospitals kept astronauts on staff. Their job? Well, some patients are pretty spacey, especially when they're on narcotics.

"the wounded congresswoman stood up and looked a window"

Hey, now. Let's not be mean. So she had a bullet pass through her head and they removed part of her skull. No need to start throwing that "window" insult.

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