Saturday, January 29, 2011

3 Year Olds Say Cute Things

Today, the kids spent all day watching Kirby, a Japanese cartoon based on a video game. After they watched it a while, they decided to play "The Doppelgamer"--a "let's play, let's play" game (in other words, live instead of on a screen) that they play that incorporates characters from all the books, games, and movies they watch.

Benji put on his superhero cape and ran into the room. He said, "Hey, guys, I wanna play with you. Can I be Uncle Joe?"

The kids said, "Sure." and went on with their game.

Benji fought invisible bad guys for a minute and then said, "Hey, I'm Uncle Joe!"

I thought it was so cute, but I had to ask, "Why is Uncle Joe suddenly a superhero?"

Anda explained it for me. One of the characters in the Kirby video they had watched was named "Knuckle Joe."

So now Benji, complete with Super Hero Cape and crime-fighting abilities, has been dashing around the house, saving the world.


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