Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More dentist updates

We ended up with a doctor's appointment and a dental appointment at the same time today, thanks to me writing down the doctor's appointment wrong. So we divided up: I went to the doctor with Nathanael in tow, Tim took Anda and Benji to the dentist. Caleb, who was sick, stayed home with Dan because we figured I was just around the corner (literally) and going to be back soon (which I was). They did fine.

My appointment went great--Baby is head down, fluid levels good, everything ready to go. Now we just hang out and wait, I guess. Blah.  Then Nathie and I made it home not 15 minutes before a sudden storm blew in and blustered rain all over the house. Good thing the appointment went fast--we were on foot!

Tim and Anda didn't fare quite as well. Anda was supposed to get a filling in a permanent tooth, but when they got into her tooth, they discovered it was in much worse shape than even the x-rays showed. They ended up having to pull a baby tooth, drain an abcess, and put a temp crown on her permanent tooth--we have to go back for a permanent crown right after Thanksgiving. Thank goodness for nitrous oxide! The one-hour appointment ended up taking two full hours. Tim, meanwhile, had to sit in the lobby with Benji, who got bored long before the first hour was even up. Thank goodness they have a kids' computer in the lobby that Benji could use!

So our calendar is STILL full of dental appointments. I think we've had some kind of appointment almost every day this month, and now we're scheduling them for next month, too, and the first week in January is already filled with something every day.

Five kids take a lot of appointments to keep them healthy, I guess!

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