Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baby....not yet

When I was engaged to Tim, I had a dream that I was having a baby and he was out of town. At the time, it was baffling: Tim was a seminary teacher when I married him. Music, as a career, was nowhere in our plans until about 4 months AFTER we got married.

But it's been a dream I thought about every time I was pregnant--especially since babies are unpredictable, even when we try our best to accommodate them.

Anda, for example, was due mid-June. So Tim didn't schedule anything for the two weeks leading up to her due date, but then did schedule a fairly high-profile show for 5 days after. And then she came 3 days late and I was still in the hospital when he ran off with his group to do the show. They even all came to the hospital after--still in costume.

After our experience with Anda, and Caleb being late, too, we figured Tim could schedule shows 3 weeks earlier than Dan was due and we'd be safe. So he had his last tour scheduled at the beginning of September, and Dan wasn't due for about 3 weeks, and we were walking home from church so Tim could hop in the car right then and leave for a 3-day trip to St. George, UT, and I went into labor. Right there. A blessing stopped it instantly, Tim did his trip, came home, and Dan was born 2 days later--2 weeks early.

But then Benji and Nathanael came within 2 days of their due dates.

So I had completely put that dream out of my mind with this baby. Hadn't happened yet--why should it now? We're about 3 weeks out from the due date, and 4/5 of our babies have come within a few days on either side of 40 weeks....

So the fact that Tim was going out of town for 2 days next week didn't bother me. I have 3 weeks, right? He'd be back in time for Thanksgiving, and then I'd still have 2 weeks....except I've spent the last 2 days having mild contractions every 30-60 minutes, day and night.  Nothing to call labor. Nothing to make me think a baby is coming right away. But plenty enough to make me start praying that baby waits until Tim gets back from Utah next week!

Meanwhile, I had a dream last night that I looked out my window and my sister was standing out there with her 3 kids. I guess they came for Thanksgiving. OF COURSE they'd be welcome....I just hope in real life they call before they leave Utah so I have a few hours' warning!

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