Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Benji says, "

Benji values play and fun more than almost anything. Teasing is a great joy for him. So is activity.

So when it's time for a diaper change/putting on a nighttime diaper (now that he's getting potty trained), I have learned to allow for some play if I want a smooth, cooperative experience.

Lately, the play has taken the form of being a "super hero." I come to the corner of my bed where I always change diapers. He goes to the opposite corner and stands on the night stand. Then he says, "I going to do a Super Hero!" and he LEAPS across the bed, always managing to land with his head toward me (on purpose).  Then I'm supposed to swing him around as fast as I can....and then he lets me do the diaper thing.

So today the game changed.

He went over to the night stand as usual, but then looked at me in all seriousness and said, "Use your mouse to move the Benji to the diaper change" in his best fake-toned, happy and sweet computer game instructions voice (the one they use to give instructions to kids on ALL the kids games).  Then he grabbed an imaginary computer mouse and manipulated it in the air--and jumped totally the wrong direction.

"Nope! Try again!" he said cheerfully, and returned to his corner. "Use the mouse to move the me to the diaper" he said. Then he leaped onto Tim's pillow, then my pillow, and then the diaper change corner. "You made it! Great job!" he said.

And THEN he let me put his diaper on for bedtime.

That's Benji for you. Life is a computer game.

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