Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sometimes it seems like the circumstances conspire against you.....

Today Tim had to fly out to LA to film half a dozen kazoo e-cards for The music came together nicely, the comedy bits were planned, he found a bunch of costume and prop pieces and had them collected.

In order to get the stuff there, though, he had to have about $100--we needed to put gas in the car and the company bought him a flight on American Airlines, which means he needed money to check his bags (darn airlines! That's why we book with Southwest when we book Tim's flights!). And then to do the same in reverse coming home.

He did three shows on Saturday, expecting to get paid $100 for one, and possibly for another. Didn't happen. With no credit and no money left (I think Tim might have had $5 in his pocket, and I had just given my most of my last $1.25 to the tooth fairy), there was no way to catch the flight!

EXCEPT, out of the blue and a week before they were supposed to even do the review, the mortgage company sent us $127 that was leftover in the escrow account. MIRACLE!

Except it arrived after the banks were closed, and none were open today, and we had to have the money before Tim could catch his flight at 4:45 today.

But I made a few phone calls and got the manager at the WalMart to agree to cash the check even though both our names are on it (thank goodness our mortgage is managed by a government agency!). Unfortunately, we had to go in today because Tim had shows until after WalMart was closed last night. Still, with all that squared away, I thought we were set.

Not so.

I didn't sleep more than 3 hours (even though I was in bed for 10) on Friday night because my prenatal vitamins keep me awake. So I took them earlier Saturday night, but not earlier enough. I slept a grand total of 1 hour and 20 minutes, 1 hour after I got in bed and 20 minutes right before I had to get up. The rest of the night I just lay there, wide awake and wondering how on earth I was going to be alert enough to drive Tim to the airport. I figured he could drive there and I only had to make it home.

Except then Tim dropped into bed, about an hour before we had to leave, moaning. He had a migraine (he gets serious ones, too!), and we had no caffeine. So he fell asleep and I prayed he'd make it long enough to help me cash the check (we BOTH had to go) so we could buy him some Coke and get on the road.

He made it. The cashier didn't give us any trouble with the check (I was really worried about that because they have so many rules about what they can and can't cash, and we were just inside them). Tim got a Coke out of the vending machine and took some ibuprofen, and we got gas in the car, and we made it to the airport with just enough time to spare to get him on his flight (I hope--he didn't call, so that means everything is going smoothly).

And, despite Caleb throwing up on the way home and Nathanael crying most of the way home (it was either too hot with the sun on him or too windy with the window down; I couldn't win!), and me (in my tired state) getting lost for a few minutes (I took exit 1 instead of exit 0. Exit 1 connects to the right road, but only in the wrong direction!), we made it home.

I feel like I've been battling the tide all day, as one thing after another seemed to step in, in rapid succession, to bar Tim's way to LA.

Hopefully nothing ELSE goes wrong!

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