Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My A-HA! Moment of the Day

Today was one of the more miserable days I've probably ever had. In my life.

I woke up at the usual time but had to get out of bed (instead of my usual spending 2 hours in bed awake before I stir). Then I spent all day depressed, puking, having intrusive thoughts, and wondering how I've managed to stand 10 years of active fibro plus the rest of my life with mild symptoms when I thought it was going to kill me today after a week of it getting worse every day.

I don't remember ever feeling so miserable that I just wanted to get into bed all day, and then getting in bed didn't help.

And then, as I was getting the kids to bed, it struck me.

I always get prenatal depression and anxiety if I don't take my prenatal vitamins. And I hadn't been taking them because they were keeping me awake at night. So I opened the cupboard to take some and found my fish oil there. Stopped taking ALL my vitamins at once (now I realize that was stupid, but it didn't occur to me until tonight), so I hadn't been taking my fish oil. No WONDER the fibro has gotten unbearable (so that my pillow even feels like a rock).

So tonight I took my pills.

And I'm sitting here wondering if I will sleep tonight and also why I didn't just switch to taking my pills at lunch?

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