Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grandmas sometimes make you sure your parents were adopted.

Today I was reminded that Grandmas can be amazing. Amazingly insensitive.

My one-side grandma had a cruise to foster cousin relations and invited all my cousins. And then uninvited all the moms with  nursing babies (including me). And then scheduled it at a time that uninvited anyone in school. Apparently the memo about the nursing babies thing was only for her own grandkids, though, because the step-cousins brought a nursing baby. Hmmmmmm......

I kinda felt like I was back in high school and all my friends had a party and said, "YOU aren't invited." I thought I was okay until I saw the pictures. Then I cried.

Thank-you, Grandma, for fostering good cousin relations. Among people whose children are old enough to be left at home for a week.

Then my other side Grandma looked at my sister's adorable baby tonight and said, "That baby looks just like my brother Nick when he was a baby.  He was ugliest baby I've ever seen."


I'm just grateful my kids' grandmas have more sense than my grandmas.

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