Friday, November 13, 2009

Good Idea/Bad Idea

Last night I had it in my head that I needed night light bulbs because we shattered one. So when I was out buying milk and a screwdriver (they cost $.82. I lived without one for a month and they cost less than a dollar. Doh!), I grabbed some night light bulbs.

They make this new kind--LED bulbs that screw into standard night lights! I thought this was cool and bought some even though it costs about the same for 2 of those as for 4 standard bulbs. And they are blue and green. Very cool.

When I got home and read the package, I was floored. It says, "Lifetime guarantee: If bulb ever burns out, please do not return to store. Send bulb to Meridian Electric Co.....for a free replacement."

Seriously? If it EVER burns out? Wow. Good idea!

I was totally excited about that.

And then I discovered all the night lights got left in Utah. Bad idea.

But my sewing machine is here and it takes a night light bulb.....I wonder if sewing with blue or green light will cause me trouble?

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